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History of UPD Mini Boosters

The Under Pressure Diving Mini Boosters evolved whilst diving near Falmouth in the UK on wrecks in 90 metre range with Ouroboros Rebreathers in 2005. The issue was the local dive shop could only supply 130 Bar of Oxygen and the Ouroboros 2 litre oxygen cylinders were emptying during the3 hours dives.

We required a small portable oxygen booster, safe, low cost, reliable and portable to fill your Oxygen cylinders to 230 + Bar from a 10-12 litre cylinder of oxygen with a 12-15 litre cylinder of drive gas.

The project was then underway, we looked at the competition and they were one or more of the following:

  • Too Expensive
  • Too Big, weight and drive gas requirements
  • High Service Costs
  • Unreliable

An air drive seemed to be easiest and safest method to drive booster, since it is readily available to divers, available for free on charter boats. Electricity has safety implecations, and requires eletric motors and gearboxes; costly.


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